39 – Seven Things We Did in Lusaka

39 – Seven Things We Did in Lusaka

1 – A driving tour: Wayne came and picked us up at our hostel bar. We drove the ‘scenic route’ to his house, as he told us all about Lusaka. It is one of the fastest developing cities in southern Africa – and we could tell! There were construction sites everywhere, new roads being built, fly-over bridges, and malls popping up at every street corner.

Skyscrapers and soviet looking high-rise blocks towered over dusty tree-lined streets. Around the corner were modern shops and fancy suburbs.

2 – Shopping: Heather raided the supermarkets of South African products from her childhood: Nik-Naks, Iced Zoo Biscuits, Cream Soda, Melktert, Biltong etc. Proust can keep his Madeleines!

We also bought each other a few little bits and bobs for Christmas. The shop assistant looked a bit confused when Heather started wrapping cuppa-soup, noodles and cereal bars at the gift wrap station! Haha.

Mmmm biltong! 😋

3 – Quality family time: Wayne (Heather’s Dad’s cousin) was the first family member that we had seen since the beginning of our trip. We stayed with him for a few days in his idyllic little house, in the middle of the bush, only fifteen minutes from his workplace. Not only can he avoid Lusaka’s dreadful traffic, but he also has kudu and zebra roaming around his grounds!

Wayne hosted us like royalty with delicious homemade meals, tasty wine, a comfy bed, a great shower and a swimming pool.

He first came to Zambia with his family in the seventies, when his Dad worked for Lonrho, a British and African based investment company. Since then, he has lived and worked in the UK, Zambia, Mozambique and the Falkland Islands. It was lovely to spend time with him, listen to his stories, and have him show us photos of his grandson!

4 – Got in a Christmassy mood: It was mid-December already and we were not feeling in the least bit Christmassy! I guess the hot weather (35°) and being in shorts and T-shirts did not help! So, we were delighted when Wayne played us Christmas music, served us mince pies and displayed festive decorations!

5 – Ate at Lilayi Elephant Sanctuary: One evening Wayne took us for dinner at a restaurant in a game reserve, next to an elephant sanctuary. We did not end up seeing any elephants as the sanctuary was closed, though we did have a delicious dinner and lovely walk around the grounds. We spotted impalas and warthogs munching away under the spectacular African sky. We are still holding out for elephants!

6 – Visited the American International School of Lusaka: Wayne teaches sport here. It is a top-end independent school where Zambian officials and expats send their children. The sports facilities were state-of-the-art, like those you see in American movies. A handful of their students go on to get sports scholarships or play professionally.

7 – Prepared our next steps: Cephas, a driver at the school, kindly drove us around to complete a few missions. He took us to exchange some Zambian Kwachas to Dollars and to buy bus tickets (for the North, to visit Chimfunshi and for the South, to Chirundu). Everyone seemed to know him. Our missions were probably accomplished a lot quicker thanks to him being there. Bus stations are always a bit chaotic! (In case you had not got that yet!).

It was special to be with family for the first time since leaving Europe. We thoroughly enjoyed our few days in Wayne’s company and were looking forward to the next step of our journey, one we knew would become a highlight…

Just arrived @ Wayne's

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  1. Now this is intriguing, why is Lusaka one of the fastest developing cities in southern Africa I wonder ?
    So funny to see a familiar face (other than Heather & Arnaud’s) in your pictures. So glad you got to see and spend time with Wayne and get a flavour if his life in Africa. Hopefully you’ll get to meet his Grandson at some point!
    I don’t suppose the mince pies were a patch on Aunt Marj’s – unless …. he didn’t bake them himself did he?
    Another brilliant write-up. Thank you. Christmas seems such a long time ago now. What a whirlwind of a year it has been (in a crazy lockdown kind of way) since then!

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