27 – Kayaking in Kibuye

27 – Kayaking in Kibuye

We were dropped back in Musanze at the Post Office. Being Saturday, it was supposed to be shut but the Postman kindly opened-up shop for us! What a contrast to our local Post Office in Paris which will close thirty minutes before closing time – despite you running from work to be there on time!

From there we walked in torrential rain to the bus station. There was a bus going to the station but, they had refused to let us board because the seats were all taken. We were a little baffled as we were used to buses being declared full when the doors could no longer close, rather than when the seats were full!

Next stop: Kibuye (with a stop at Gisenyi where we grabbed some lunch: a veggie buffet – yum). Heather is loving the beans!

The road there was twisty and misty. The banana trees looked like stars on the hillsides. We arrived early evening in Kibuye. Two motorbike taxis later and we were at Macheo Eco-Lodge. The view over Lake Kivu was beautiful. Not surprisingly, Kibuye, is known for being a beach resort and a honeymoon destination.

The next morning, we went Kayaking on the lake. The town had not yet woken up – it was just us, the birds and the fish. Everything was calm, even the water. We were surrounded by hills and little islands. Rwanda really is beautiful; it is no wonder its tourism industry is growing.

After our morning kayak, we visited the Museum of Environment. We chatted for ages with the manager there. He told us that Lake Kivu has enormous quantities of gas building up beneath its waters (methane & carbon dioxide). Ultimately, if the gas pressure becomes too high, it could cause a huge explosion. To avoid a catastrophe, the ‘Kivuwatt Project’ was launched: extract the gas to produce electricity. This unique project contributes to Paul Kagamé’s ambitious objective: for Rwanda to be the first African country to have an electricity coverage rate of 100% (by 2024)!

It was really uplifting to hear how the government is prioritizing the environment. They are being careful about how they modernize their country, instead of plonking great concrete structures everywhere. They are also protecting their natural parks by making them more exclusive. Paul Kagame says he wants to make Rwanda, “Cleaner, greener and accountable”. They have a recycling scheme, plant four trees for every one chopped down and are developing renewable energy sources. As the President says, “When you start from zero, or even below zero, you have an obligation not to repeat the mistakes of the past. So we decided to try policies that make sense for our future.”

The museum had exhibits on renewable & non-renewable energy sources, the fauna & flora of Rwanda and even a herbal-medicine garden on the roof! The manager gave us a personal tour of the site – it was great to see him so passionate for the environment.

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  1. You are clearly very taken with Rwanda and I can see why. Makes me realise how little I know of the country and its modern history, makes me want to read more, or maybe visit! I wonder if you are generating a list of places you will want to return to again in the future?
    Looking forward to your next instalment – although enjoying the air of calm in this one – must be the magnificent still water scenes 🙂 xxx

  2. Ah amazing 😊 loving the awesome pics and scenery. 😎😎 sounds like happy time’s in Rwanda 🇷🇼 wow makes me want to visit too. Lxxx

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